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Marry me to St. Vincent.


Uzumaki Mito & Tsunade & Haruno Sakura - Heiress of the diamond requested by chatte-georgiana !

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From Russia With Love’s Rosa Klebb brandishes a shoe with a retractable stiletto blade and puffer-fish poison to induce death in 12 seconds.


"The link between neonicotinoid pesticides and the worldwide decline of bee populations is a crisis that cannot be ignored.

I have arranged thousands of dead honeybees in mathematical patterns symbolically linked to monoculture crops, such as the Fibonacci spiral found in the seed head of the sunflower.

The viewer experiences the vertigo of this lifeless swarm, a dizzying optical illusion that echoes the bees’ loss of ability to navigate due to the toxins locked within the very source of their sustenance.”

Sarah Hatton

An album cover outtake for Blondie, 1976. Photo: Shig Ikeida